• Pakistan-US Supply Chain SecurityUnder the Integrated Cargo, Container Control (IC3) Programme , the US-bound shipments from Pakistan are scanned and cleared by US Customs at Port Qasim prior to reaching the US destinations
  • From Pakistan to Afghanistan and beyond ...The international supply route emanating from Pakistan to Afghanistan and to the Central Asian Republics is a crucial transit framework for the region
  • World's Largest Human Flag​A view of the largest human flag formed by the Pakistani children. It poured heavily on that day, but the desire to break the existing world record sustained their spirits.
  • A view of the Karachi International Container Terminal
  • A view of the Pakistan International Container Terminal at Karachi Port​PICT is the biggest terminal on the Karachi Port for handling cargo

Welcome to Pakistan Trade Facilitation Portal

The Pakistan Trade Facilitation Portal is a fulfillment not just of the multilateral obligations to disseminate laws om national and international trade, transport and transit, but also a reflection of our desire to have a dedicated medium of expression of the private sector’s thinking on the multi-faceted aspects of trade facilitation.

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Pakistan Trade Spectrum

Pakistan’s Spaghetti Bowl includes preferential trade linkages with China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, and Mauritius on bilateral basis.  In terms of regional trade agreements, these extend to the seven South Asian countries of Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka under SAARC, and to the Central Asian Republics (CARS) under ECOTA. This highlights the country’s resolve to expand and diversify its trade within the region, as beyond it. The cumulative tariff concessions and the expanding domestic manufacturing base positions Pakistan as an important partner in the regional trade.

According to the State Bank, Pakistan' s manufacturing sector has registered 5% growth in the recent months, which surpasses the initial target of 4.5% set as part of the economic resustication programme. The government envisages expansion in the national infrastructure through large-scale investment in the power and communications sectors. The setting up of additional thermal and nuclear power plants in the country, besides expansion in the existing set-up, indicates its resolve to add more more power to the economy. The plan to build a rail corridor from Xingiang in China to Gwadar, supplementing the existing road network between Pakistan and China, constitutes a giant step in economic diversification towards transshipoment economy. The outlet to the Middle East through Gwadar will reduce the export turn around for the Chinese goods and will draw equal benefits for Pakistan in a variety of ways.

On its part, the private sector and the representative trade organizations, including ICC Pakistan, will continue to play their role in the trade development and diversification of the country by adding to its dynamics.       


Pakistan transit network already contains inter-governmental agreements with the following countries, showing the country's willingness and preparedness to participate in regional trade and transshipment in a significant manner. The logistics industry in Pakistan is assisting the government in realizing the true potential of these agreements. We believe that the true transit (and transshipment) potential of Pakistan will be realized with accession to the TIR Convention, 1970. With the rest of the region from Iran to Turkey, and to the Central Asian Republics, already TIR-compliant, only Pakistan has to fill up the missing link to complete the TIR map in this trade corridor. 

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